Where are Riverbay pools made?

Aquatic Leisure Technologies (ALT) manufactures all Riverbay shells in their purpose-built state of the art manufacturing facility in Jandakot, Perth WA. ALT are Western Australian, family owned and manufactured.

What is our shell warranty?

The manufacturer ALT offers a lifetime structural warranty on the pool shell.

What is gelcoat?

Riverbay Pools are made in marine grade gelcoat, which is the internal finish of the pool shell. The marine grade gelcoats are specially formulated for swimming pools.

What is the best filtration and chlorination for my pool?

We have many options available; your selection is both a personal and site-specific combination which we would be more than happy to directly assist you with on a free site inspection. We like to understand your circumstances prior to recommending a suitable product.  A standard system is an automatic salt water chlorination system which is included with all of our pools.

Will a swimming pool increase my property value?

We get asked this a lot. Unfortunately it’s not something we can assist with. Our best answer would be, you would normally get back what you spend, and in many cases this could help sell your property. Great landscaping and pool surrounds can really enhance the outdoor area.

How much will a pool cost including landscaping?

We normally suggest to work on $25k-$55k for the swimming pool and add landscaping on top of this. Typically, the package is around $50k-$100K. It really depends on what the individual wants and how much landscaping they are prepared to undertake themselves.

What is pencil compaction?

Pencil compaction is a machine used to compact around the immediate excavation area of a swimming pool.

Can a crane lift my pool into position?

Many considerations are made to determine the crane lift, an average lift over a house is around 25-30m. We would need to inspect your property to determine this. The measurement is generally taken from centre of pool to centre of crane.

How much machinery access will I need?

2m is a good standard width, however we can access down to 600mm with narrow machinery. Sometimes it’s more cost effective to dig by hand to avoid damage or difficulties. Hand excavations/Machine assist are more expensive.

Which is better fiberglass or concrete?

It’s a good idea to check with both concrete and fibreglass.  Fibreglass is a fixed shape which cannot be changed and comes with a lifetime structural warranty. You will need to check with your concrete builder as to their warranty. We normally say if you can find a design and shape in fibreglass that suits you, you would not wait 3-4 months (depending) for a concrete pool. Concrete is generally 2 degrees colder than fibreglass, with fibreglass offering more flex which can be used as a potential damage indicator.

Should I include heating with my pool?

This option can normally be added at a later date however I’d estimate 25% of pool buyers would include this option, with 50% considering it for later inclusion. It’s certainly a conversation, and good investment to maximise your swimming season.

How hard is it to look after a pool?

This question is asked many times. Care and maintenance of a pool is essential to maintain good water chemistry. If you actively take the time to understand the system you have, it’s easy to carry this out on your own, however more customers are choosing to engage with monthly mobile service providers. Take care of your pool like any investment and it will take care of you.

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